6 things to remember when growing your business

Your website is the storefront of your business. You know that feeling when you enter an REI and you’re excited about all the shiny new things to take out into woods and destroy? It’s that feeling of comfort. A feeling of something exciting is coming soon. In addition to those warm and fuzzy feelings, you know 2 things. First, you’re gonna spend a lot of money and second, the gear you buy will likely be of very high quality.

When your clients or potential clients come to your site, you want them to feel good and excited about their future. Since they’re coming to you to change the results of their future races you also want them to feel secure that the money they’re spending on you has a lot of high value and won’t be squandered.

Of course, like a great artist, the proof is in the portfolio of athletes you have coached in the past. If you’re starting out though, or relatively unknown, you need a website that will tell your story and encourage clients to sign up with little hesitation.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you grow your business and open up the .

1. Have a clear message

Obviously you’re a coach, but deeper than that you’re probably someone that simply cares about people. It’s important to create a clear one-line message that is easy for potential clients to understand and relate with. Our statement here on TRI Coaches is Connecting coaches with triathletes. My goal with this project is do just that, connect triathletes and coaches. I have a few others that I’m tossing around but for now, this will do. Regardless if you’re a triathlon coach or selling barbecues, a simple one-line message is imperative to ensure a happy triathlete and client.

2. Use really good photos

People relate with images extremely well. Companies like Instagram exist only because people want to see more photos. Now, this doesn’t mean you should go out and start shooting with the camera on your phone, unless that’s all you’ve got. You want the highest resolution photos you can find or take. If you need stock photography, go for it. I recommend something like Stocksy because generally, they don’t suck. However, their selection in the triathlon category is really lacking. I’ve used ShutterStock. Just make sure it’s not cheesy.

Some other things you can do is go to a local race and if you don’t have access to a nice SLR to borrow, maybe rent one. Take nice landscape photos and try to capture people smiling, having fun and enjoying themselves. If you can hire a person to do it, even better. The difference between a professional photographer and an amateur is what they see through the lens and how they compose the photo. You’ll be glad you splurged in the long run.

3. Give a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Humans need direction. When you go to an airport, you are doing one of a few things. You need to get through security, get to your get, find a bathroom, find the way out or find some food. Every airport (in America at least) has great CTAs. People need to know what to do on your site. It needs to be extremely clear and distractions should be kept to a minimum. You shouldn’t have any more than 3 or 4 CTAs on your site.

Typically you’ll want potential clients to do things like “Sign up for a training plan”, “subscribe to my newsletter”, “buy this product” or “sign up for this race” are all good examples of CTAs. Remember, people don’t know what you want them to do unless you tell them. This is crucial for you when growing your business and acquiring clients.

4. Keep your pricing simple

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have simple pricing. We think people want options, but that’s not really true. Fast-food companies make millions a year because they’ve kept their menu as simple as possible. Think about In-n-out’s menu. They have a burger and a cheeseburger. That’s really it! Oh and they make that burger, really well!

It’s ok to have a few different plans, but creating 15 different options for people will only drive your potential client’s away. It will also make you go insane trying to manage it all. You’re a triathlon coach. Try to simplify your business so that you can focus on making athletes better.

5. Communication is crucial.

In every relationship, communication is absolutely essential to it’s success. You’re entering in a relationship with your client and communication will make the difference not only when acquiring a client but also in retaining them.

Don’t assume that people on your site will know what you mean when they read it. Send it around to friends, to non-triathletes and ask them if it makes sense. They’ll give you the best feedback.

It’s important to let your client, or potential client, know what they should expect. After they pay, what happens? Let them know little details. For example if you’re doing a consultation meeting, mention that it’s informal and let them know of anything they need to be prepared for. Just make your client feel comfortable and give them no reason to worry about their investment.

6. Set up follow up calls/emails and schedule check ins

Depending on the type of person your client is, this can be really important. Even though your client is paying for your services, they may too shy to approach you. Usually it’s because they might have the impression that they’re bothering or pestering you. Take that weight off their shoulders and set up auto emails to send them. Or better yet, set up reminders for yourself to call them.

Checking in shows you care. Try not to be annoying like the big companies who call and actually pester you. Those guys are usually trying to up sell you on something. Your goal is to find out how things are going. You’ll learn things about how you’re doing and how you can get better at the coach/athlete relationship.

Side note: A solid web design and branding are also good things to have when growing your business, but for this post, I wanted to focus on less obvious things.

What are some things you’re doing that are growing your business? Leave a comment below and share your experience!

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